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Blueberry Cake

Blueberry Cake


  • 11oz Lago Lady fingers
  • 18oz Greek Yogurt or Strawberry flavored yogurt
  • 7.10oz whipped cream
  • 1 box of blueberries
  • 1 cup of blueberry juice
  • 0.3oz gelatin leaf sheets
  • Powdered/Icing sugar

Product Used


  • Put the gelatin leaf sheets in a bowl with cold water.
  • Take a springform pan, remove the bottom and place it on a tray.
  • Dip the Lago Ladyfingers in the blueberry juice and place them inside the pad at the bottom of the tray to make it the base of the cake.
  • Put together the whipped cream and stir in the yogurt gently, add a pinch of icing sugar.
  • Place the gelatin leaf sheets in a small pot together with a little water at a medium-low heat on a stove and stir it until it is melted, then add it to the whipping cream and yogurt. 
  • Start spreading the cream over the base of the Ladyfingers and alternate a layer of Ladyfingers dipped in the blueberries juice to a layer of cream up to the top of the pan.
  • Put the fresh blueberries on the top of the cake and put it in the fridge for at least 5 hours.
  • When the time is over, take it out of the fridge, remove the springform pan gently and serve it cold.